Only One Reason EP

by Bearfoot Brothers

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Thanks for coming and downloading some of our songs! Our aim as a band is to create a musical experience. Blending the lyrics and the way we sing them, with the music and the way it is played, to forge an inviting atmosphere for our listeners. These songs are stories. And we hope, in some ways big or small, they are your stories as well as ours. So enjoy, and don't forget to get plugged in with Bearfoot Brothers on Facebook!


released June 1, 2013

Jim Ford - Sound Engineer & Music Producer, Harp
Elijah Ogden - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica
Christopher Shughrue - Vocals, Mandolin, Keyboard, Harmonica, Harp
Ken Miller - Vocals, Percussion, Keyboard, Bass Guitar
Shayne Priddy - Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Harp
Marc Priddy - Album cover art (



all rights reserved


Bearfoot Brothers Rochester, New York

We fuse life and music, pain and joy, love and loss, harmonies and melodies, in order to portray the human experience and shine light on the hope that is available for everyone.

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Track Name: St. Paul
my mind is racing, gut is turning, I get weak inside / and I begin to question / I call you liar, call it gold, and crown myself king / and I take control

feeling weak, feeling empty / I’ve become my own enemy

my chest is pounding, hands are shaking, I begin to think / “what am I doing?” / I call you honest, call it garbage and I crown you king / and I give you control

feeling peace, feeling victory / all because you set me free
Track Name: Only One Reason
save your pity for the kids with the money / ‘cause they’re feeling so empty inside / they try filling the hole, but they’re ignoring their souls / until they grow old and die / and they never did get it right

they buy everything they see in the magazines / they’ve got the biggest screens and they’re hi-def / but they missed the point of life, nothing money can buy / his name is Jesus Christ, he is it

save your breath for the kids who’ve got sex / ‘cause they are at their best when they’re clothed / they’re so preoccupied with their selfish desires / that they can’t see the fire up the road / and it’s burning down their souls

they’ve been to every site they’re little fingers can find / looking for life across the line / but it’s never enough, ‘cause we’re created for love / not this cheap knock-off that they’re trying

save your prayers for the kids in the chairs / the ones who are there on Sundays and Wednesdays / they think they’ll get by on religion just fine / but they’re running out of time to be saved / ‘cause once you’re dead it’s too late

they know the right words, and they sing the right verse / but just ‘cause it looks good, don’t make it right / you’ve gotta get right with God and surrender your heart / accept the free blood of Jesus Christ

there is only one reason, that I keep on singing / it’s ‘cause I know he’s living in me / his love is so pure, his forgiveness secure / his mercy endures my treachery
Track Name: Forgiven, Loved, and Free
today I saw a leaf floating down the river / without a care to be seen / and I thought to myself, there’d be nothing better / than to be carried off by the stream / the water’s cold, and the current’s strong / it’d take me far away from here / from all my troubles and the people I’ve done wrong / from all my doubts, from all my fears

but the trees up on the bank / they sang me this song /an for it I must thank them / ‘cause it helped me to move on (and they sang)

dreamer, quit your dreaming / God created you a man / you’re a singer, so get to singing / you are a bigger part of his plan

today I saw a man walking through the city / with his girl by his side / and I though, that’s what I need to be happy / that will help me sleep at night / to hear her tell me that she loves me / we’d be the very best of friends / I’d wake up with her every morning / we’d be together until the end

but the people, they started singing / ‘cause they wanted me to know / and for it, I must thank them / ‘cause it helped me to let go (and they sang)

lover, he has loved you / more than any woman can / he gave up his life for you / between you and death he stands

today I saw a bird flying through the sky / and I was happy to be me / a sinner saved by grace, and waking in his light / forgiven, loved, and free
Track Name: You Are God
you are God of life and death / power to give, and take breath / won’t you breathe into me / you are God of flesh and bone / creator of all we’ve known / won’t you recreate me / you are God of every man / woman, child, sea, and land / won’t you please help me see

you are God of kings and queens / all power and authority / is under your name / you are God of the hurricane / the earthquake, the fire, the rain / won’t you please keep us safe / you are God when fear and doubt / break us and all hope runs out / won’t you shine your light on us

you are God/ and I am not

you are God when all my dreams / coming crashing at my feet / won’t you give me a new vision / you are God when my little heart / suffers wound an falls apart / can you put it together again / and you are God when the ones we love / draw their last breath and leave us here / can you wipe away our tears